Don Quijote -Santiago de Chile

Don Quijote -Santiago de Chile

Santiago du Chili, Chile

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Almirante Simpson 014, Santiago de Chile, Chile. voir la carte
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Description de l'école

Notre école d'espagnol à Santiago est située aux pieds de la colline San Cristóbal, le plus grand parc de la ville. Plus précisément dans le quartier de Bellavista, le quartier bohème coloré de Santiago, cette zone est un vrai aimant à étudiants et artistes.

Tu seras aussi très près de la Place des Armes et de la maison de Pablo Neruda. Depuis la décennie 80, Bellavista s'est transformé en point emblématique de la ville et possède une grande variété de bars, restaurants, discothèques et théâtres. Quant au bâtiment de l'école en soi, il possède 7 salles, 2 cuisines et un magnifique jardin.

Comme beaucoup de villes d'Amérique Latine, Santiago du Chili se définit par ses contrastes: architecture coloniale et moderne, rues remplies d'énergie et de la parcs silencieux, boutiques élégantes et marchés locaux, vie nocturne et restaurants romantiques. Pistes pour skier et plages à courte distance et tout ce qu'une capitale mondiale peut offrir de jour comme de nuit, Santiago du Chili est un lieu stimulant pour étudier l'espagnol et en apprendre plus sur la culture chilienne.

Équipements et services de l'école
Wifi gratuit
Almirante Simpson 014, Santiago de Chile, Chile., Santiago du Chili,
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Ce que vous devez savoir

Politique sur les jours fériés

Classes missed due to national or local holidays will not be made up or refunded. When more than one holiday falls in the same week (Monday – Friday), either one day of the missed classes can be made up or a 10% discount will be applied to the corresponding course week price; if students prefer to receive the discount they must notify us at the time of enrollment One to One classes will always be made up.



April-14: Good Friday (Easter)
April-15: Holy Saturday (Easter)
April-16: Resurrection Sunday (Holy Week)
May-1: Labor Day
May-21: Naval Glory Day
June-26: San Pedro and San Pablo
July-16: Solemnity of the Virgin of Carmen, Queen and Patroness of Chile
August-15: Assumption of the Virgin
September-18: Patrias Patrias
September-19: Army Glory Day
October-9: Discovery of Two Worlds Day
October-27: Day of Evangelical and Protestant Churches
November-1: All Saints Day
December-8: Immaculate Conception Day
December-25: Christmas


Students from the European Union do not require a visa to enter Spain or Latin America. Students from other countries must enquire about obtaining a visa at the Spanish or Latin American embassy or consulate closest to them.

Conditions Générales de l'établissement


1.1 For all don Quijote programs and services in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid,

Salamanca, Tenerife and Valencia), Latin America (Costa Rica, Ecuador,

and Mexico) and IEG schools in Spain (Alicante, Granada, Malaga, Marbella

and Seville). don Quijote conditions do not apply to partner schools. Partner

schools in Latin America may have other/additional conditions. For more

information, please contact our Head Office.

1.2 don Quijote accepts no responsibility whatsoever for cases of force majeure

(according to law) or for students’ actions.

1.3 On formalizing enrollment in a program (and accommodation) via Internet,

fax, online booking or in writing, students must accept the General and

Payment Conditions, as well as the rules and guarantees of don Quijote

that they have previously been provided with and read. No signatures are

necessary to express agreement. Any payment made confirms acceptance

of and agreement to all of these conditions.

1.4 The contracts are personal and non-transferable.


2.1 Some classes may be given in classrooms outside of our facilities during the

high season.

2.2 don Quijote’s management reserves the right to extend the timetable for

classes to 9 p.m.

2.3 In the rare event that only 1 or 2 students are enrolled in a program in the

same level group, the school reserves the right to change the group program

into a Private or Semi-Private Program. In this case, class hours will be

reduced by 50%.

2.4 In cities where programs are also available at other schools with Ideal

Education Group, classes can be combined at any time.

3. Course accreditation

3.1 A personalized certificate will be issued for studies in accordance with the

guidelines established by the Instituto Cervantes and the current legislation

regulating non-accredited education.

3.2 This certificate will contain the name of the course taken, course level and

number of hours completed. The name of the school in which the class(es)

were given, dates of enrollment and level achieved will also be included.

3.3 This certificate is not valid as an official document in accordance with the

legislation regulating non-accredited education.

3.4 Course verification will only be issued to students who attend at least 85%

of their classes.


4.1 Please check our website ( for updated

holidays as they may be subject to change before planning your trip.

4.2 Classes missed due to national or local holidays will not be made up or

refunded. When more than one holiday falls in the same week (Monday

– Friday), either one day of the missed classes can be made up or a 10%

discount will be applied to the corresponding course week price; if students

prefer to receive the discount they must notify us at the time of enrollment

One to One classes will always be made up.


5.1 The student will be charged for property damages caused either intentionally

or through negligence.

5.2 If there is damage and no one is directly responsible, the cost of repairs will be

divided among all students in the apartment or residence.

5.3 At don Quijote, respect for others and for the rules is essential for our

programs to run smoothly. Students’ failure to follow the rules established

will be grounds for keeping their accommodation guarantee deposit.

Some examples of behaviors that merit forfeit of the accommodation

deposit include: having guests stay overnight, making loud noises, smoking

in bedrooms, having parties, the consumption of alcohol, the consumption

of any narcotic or harmful substance, any other conduct that don Quijote

management considers inappropriate.

5.4 In the case of a serious disciplinary offence or repeated bad behavior, the

student will be expelled from the accommodation contracted with don

Quijote without the right to a refund.

5.5 Apartments and student residences may be substituted by other types of

accommodation, at the same price, during the high season.

5.6 If you reserve a shared double room (shared with another student) and

there is no other student with whom you can share the room, we reserve the

right to change your room at any time.


6.1 Health: We advise all citizens of the EU to bring the European Health

Insurance Card EHIC (formerly the E111 document) with them to their don

Quijote program. If you require medical treatment, this card and your medical

bill will allow you to be reimbursed by your country of origin for any medical

expenses incurred while abroad. We recommend students under 18 and

from other countries take out a don Quijote health insurance policy that

guarantees coverage for the illnesses stipulated in the aforementioned policy.

6.2 Civil Liability: don Quijote has an accident and civil liability insurance policy that

covers possible incidents or minor accidents that may occur within its centers

available to all students. don Quijote is not responsible for the loss or theft

of students’ personal property, for which we recommend you take out your

own insurance policy.


7.1 don Quijote reserves the right to accept students aged 16 or under (Spain)

and 15 or under (Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico) in exceptional cases.

7.2 don Quijote reserves the right to cancel the student’s place if 4 weeks before

arrival he/she or his/her agency have not paid the total sum of the program,

accommodation and/or other services contracted.

7.3 In cases of serious disciplinary offence, repeated bad behavior or

infringement of the laws of the country in which the program is taking place,

the student will be expelled from the school and accommodation contracted

with don Quijote without the right to a refund.

7.4 In case damages are caused to third parties, all expenses incurred by don

Quijote and originating from the above-mentioned incident will be charged to

the student, who will have no right to later claims.


8.1 A non-refundable advance payment of EUR 150 must be completed to

confirm reservations for programs in Spain and Cuba; and USD 200 to

confirm reservations for programs in Latin America.

8.2 For the confirmation of reservations made 4 weeks or less before arrival, the

total invoice must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

8.3 Changes of destination, school, accommodation or program are free for

courses in Costa Rica (Santo Domingo de Heredia), Ecuador, Mexico, and

Spain (subject to availability, paying the price difference if applicable and
does not apply for Summer Camp). For all other changes to your confirmed

reservation for programs in Spain and Latin America EUR 150 | USD 200 will

be charged for administrative costs, at any time after arrival. All changes are

subject to availability.


9.1 The enrollment fee is valid for one year from the first reservation

made for all IEG schools in Spain and Latin America. In other words, any

programs reserved during a 12 month period can be made using the same

enrollment fee.

9.2 Our published offers or other types of discounts cannot be accumulated.

All offers or discounts are subject to availability and have a fixed duration.

No changes will be made to bookings that have been received prior to the

promotion. All offers and discounts will be applied at the time of booking.

10. VISA

10.1 Students from the European Union do not require a visa to enter Spain or

Latin America. Students from other countries must enquire about obtaining a

visa at the Spanish or Latin American embassy or consulate closest to them.

10.2 The certificate certifying enrollment (invitation letter) can ONLY be issued by

the school when the enrollment form and a copy of the student’s passport

have been received and full payment of the program has been received via

bank transfer. Not applicable for citizens of Australia, Brazil, Canada, China,

Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey

or the US.


11.1 The total sum (in EUR for programs in Spain and Cuba and in USD for

programs in Latin America) must be received at least 4 weeks before your

arrival. Where payment in full is not received, don Quijote reserves the right to

cancel the program, and the student has no right to a refund.

11.2 All bank charges will be your responsibility. In the case whereby the bank

charges us a commission for receipt of your payment, we reserve the right to

charge you this sum upon your arrival.

11.3 No checks are accepted.

11.4 These prices are valid until the 31st of December 2017 for programs beginning

and ending in the year 2017.

11.5 This price list overrules all previous information concerning prices and dates.

11.6 don Quijote is not responsible for printing errors that may appear or for

errors in publications by third parties about don Quijote.


12.1 Cancellations before arrival will only be accepted up to and including the

last working day before arrival (Friday) and must be made in writing (letter,

telegram, e-mail or fax). Written evidence of the cancellation is required

and therefore cancellations made by telephone will not be deemed valid.

12.2 For cancellations (don Quijote/IEG schools) before the arrival date, there will

be a penalty of EUR 150 (Spain and Cuba), or USD 200 (Latin America) will

be applied of the advance payment.

12.3 For cancellations of the Spanish + Internship/Volunteer Program at IEG

schools in Spain and Latin America, any program at partner schools in

Latin America, or a private apartment or hotel reservation, there will be

a cancellation fee of EUR 500 | USD 600 for cancellations made 4 weeks

before arrival. For cancellations made four weeks or less prior to arrival, we

will charge the whole program price.

12.4 For Summer Camp Programs, a EUR 1,000 penalty will be applied to

cancellations made in the last four weeks prior to arrival.

12.5 In no case whatsoever will a refund be made for the cost of the program

or accommodation once the program has started (except if the refund

guarantee has been purchased).

12.6 Credit issued due to exceptional circumstances, is only valid for up to

12 months from the date of issuance. Once the 12 month period ends,

the student loses the right to the credit or refund. Credit is valid only

for the geographic region for which it was issued (i.e., credit issued for

Spain is not valid for programs in Latin America) and is nontransferable

to other students.

12.7 All refunds, under any circumstances, include an administration fee to cover

the administrative costs of processing a refund (see point 14.3), along with

the standard fee for reservation changes (9% + EUR 150 | USD 200) as

stated in point 8.3.

12.8 Refunds must be requested within 30 days of completion of the program

or cancellation. Once this period ends, the student loses all rights to request

a full or partial refund.

12.9 In the event of a cancellation or program reduction, original prices will be

applied. Promotions or discounts applied at the time of booking will be

obsolete. For example, if due to the length of the program, the student

received a discount at the time of booking, this will be lost upon cancellation.

12.10 Students who require any type of invitation letter to obtain a student visa

for their program and have to cancel due to denial of the visa, must send an

official, original, certified document directly from the embassy in question.

If this copy is not received by don Quijote, 100% of the cost of the program

will be charged.

12.11 See points 12.2, 12.4 and 12.6 for information about cancellations completed

after an invitation letter is issued. Students will incur the penalties described

in these sections along with the cost of sending the letter via express courier

if this option was selected.

12.12 For students who already hold visas, cancellations will only be considered

if the student provides proof of having left the country and once the visa

obtained through don Quijote is no longer valid. In addition, the cancellation

will only be valid upon the student’s return to their country of origin.


13.1 This is our special cancellation guarantee if you are taking a program in

Spain, Costa Rica (Santo Domingo de Heredia), Ecuador or Mexico (Playa

del Carmen, Guanajuato and Oaxaca). This Premium Guarantee is offered

for 9% of the total sum of the full program invoice and is non-refundable.

Cancellation Guarantee must be signed and paid in full upon enrollment in

order to be valid.

13.2 The Premium Cancellation Guarantee allows for cancellation of all or part of

the program for any reason.

13.3 When a cancellation is made using the cancellation guarantee, don Quijote

will refund the cost of the program and accommodation if the program is

canceled any time between the arrival date and the end of the program.

The guaranteed refund does NOT include: the enrollment fee and services

already used at the time of cancellation. The price of the course and

accommodation will be charged for the week during which the cancellation is

made if the student makes the cancellation on a Monday, otherwise both the

week of cancellation and the following week will be charged. The cost of the

guarantee itself and 9% of the amount to be refunded (a minimum of EUR 65

| USD 90) will also be charged to cover administrative costs.

13.4 In order to cancel a language program, the student must give notice via e-mail

to The day after the e-mail is sent will be considered the

day the course has been officially canceled. Cancellation is only valid once an

e-mail has been received. For this reason it is important that the student is

certain that the e-mail has been received. The money will be returned within

30 days of the official cancellation date.
13.5 The cancellation guarantee is personal and nontransferable and is only valid

upon the student’s arrival at the school. Students who require and have

obtained a visa through don Quijote can buy the cancellation guarantee

but cancellations will be only considered once the student provides proof of

having left the country. In these cases 9% of the amount to be refunded will

be charged to cover administrative costs.

13.6 If a student enrolls for a program that is over 4 weeks long and uses the

cancellation guarantee, he/she should be aware that prices vary depending

on the duration of the program. For example, if a 12 week course is reduced

to 4 weeks, 4 week long course prices will apply.


14.1 Please refer to points 12 and 13 (cancellations).

14.2 Refunds will be granted and money transferred exclusively to the student

who booked the program or to the account from which payment was

completed. Refunds will never be granted to anyone other than the student

or the guardian who completed payment for the reservation.

14.3 All refunds include an administration charge of 9% (a minimum of EUR 65 |

USD 90). Refunds of less than EUR 100 will be paid via check (issued in Spain)

at no extra cost if the student is still in Spain. If the student is outside of Spain,

the refund will be paid by bank transfer and will include a minimum EUR 35

administration fee.


15.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of this agreement excluding any legal obligation

or liability on its part, don Quijote will, in the event of a complaint made by

a student against an institution associated with don Quijote programs or

accommodations, endeavor to rectify the situation of the student involved,

provided the appropriate institution abroad was notified of the complaint

as soon as reasonably possible, and that the student exhausted all other

feasible resources to find a solution in the country involved.

15.2 Any complaints must be submitted in writing and within the first 24 hours.

This ensures that we can take care of the issue as soon as possible and

seek a quick resolution. Only complaints made during the student’s stay

have the right to any possible compensation, refund or changes. Any

complaints made after departure will only be accepted as suggestions in

order to improve our services.


16.1 don Quijote reserves the right to use all photos and videos taken during the

student’s stay. Students should be aware that they may appear in IEG’s or

partner’s promotional material, unless the student expressly states he/she

does not wish to appear upon arrival at the school.


In compliance with Spanish Law 15/1999, of December 13, regarding the

protection of personal data, don Quijote would like to inform you that your

personal information will be stored in a database (for which Ideal Education

Group, S.L. is liable and responsible), and used solely for the commercial and

operational purposes of the company. By accepting these general conditions,

you consent to the use of your personal information for the above stated

purposes. You have the right to request that we inform you of your right to

access, correct or cancel such information within the established terms of the

prevailing legislation, by writing to the address: Gustavo Fernández Balbuena

11, 28002 Madrid, Spain.

18. Conditions of our triple guarantee

There is no risk in choosing a don Quijote/IEG Program because you’ll get the

best program at the best price!

1. 100% Price Guarantee - In order to qualify for the price guarantee

(applicable to Spanish language programs only, accommodation is excluded),

the price of the second program must be at least EUR 10 less than don

Quijote/IEG’s published price AND the two programs must be comparable.

Definition of comparable in this context: programs located in the same

city, an equal amount (or more) of Spanish language instruction time, the

same (or fewer) number of maximum students per class, The same quality

of instruction. don Quijote reserves the right to disqualify certain programs

where the quality of instruction may be questionable. Instruction quality is

determined by several factors including teachers’ qualifications, years in

business, international recognition and qualifications. Simply include a copy of

the third party price list or a link to a website where its prices are in print. As

long as the program is equivalent to our program we will honor the price of

the third party organization and take an additional 20% off your enrollment


2. Satisfaction Guarantee - Your satisfaction is our main concern. If

upon arrival you are not satisfied with any of our services, notify the school

in writing within 24 hours of your first course day (this applies to problems

that may occur during your stay as well); we will respond to your complaint

or request within 2 working days. If you still feel that our services are not

in accordance with the brochure description, we will discuss the issue with

you with 2 possible outcomes: we will either agree that the services provided

have not met our guarantee and will refund your course and accommodation

expenses; or if we do not reach an agreement, we will allow an independent

arbitrator appointed by the regional Spanish government to determine if the

situation warrants application of our money back guarantee.

3. Cancellation Guarantee - When you purchase our premium

cancellation guarantee, you protect yourself against the unexpected events

that may cause you to cancel your program. For full details see point 13 of

these general conditions.

Don Quijote -Santiago de Chile

Don Quijote -Santiago de Chile

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